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As promised

Although we’re basking in being able to order local takeaways, not much has changed at our end at level 3. The team is still working remotely and will continue to do so until we get the all-clear to march back into the office full steam ahead. Luckily, our virtual zoom sessions have allowed us to get chatting with clients who are often too busy to meet us in the office. Our Owner Insights episodes are a perfect excuse to get talking about how business is moving in the bubbles of our clients.

Episode 2: Tidy Slabs

Last week Cam reached out to Andy Garvie from Tidy Slabs to get his take on how COVID-19 and level-4 lockdown has affected his team, cash flow, and day to day business. We also get a bit of insight into what preparations the team is making diving back into a slice of normality and what kind of advice stuck with Andy during this period.

Keeping up with the team:

Cash flow worries:

Preparing for normality:

Advice that stuck:

Want to know more?

If you’re feeling like you want to bounce some thoughts/ideas off Andy, or just need some foundation advice from a specialist- get in touch with us, we’ll piece you together. In the meantime subscribe to our Youtube channel to get the latest Owner Insights episodes straight from the horse’s mouth.

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