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Passion. Energy. Commitment. More than your stereotypical accountant.


If it’s even slightly edible, Tom’s eaten it


Questionable food connoisseur, with the metabolism of a hyper-active child, Tom manages to move at a million miles an hour towards fun and success, while oozing a cool, calm, collected nature.

With plenty of brains above his shoulders and more drive than a supercharged mustang, Tom’s going places and it’s impossible not to be inspired.

Tom has built a wealth of knowledge around the best in’s and out’s of property dealings and has a keen eye for promising start-up businesses.

Like building a great sandwich, Tom also knows how best to structure ventures to extract maximum returns while minimising risk exposure.

Away from the desk, hockey, tennis, squash and, as mentioned above, anything that can be consumed, dominate this man’s life.


Our chief giggler

Senior Production Manager

If you’re ever after a pick-me-up and a bit of a giggle – Susie’s your solution.

 Aside from being the team’s positivity blanket, Susie’s our go-to when it comes to dealing with quality control, team management, and any specialist tax issues. A professional at multitasking, Susie does it all with an infectious positive attitude, a smile on her face and a Pomsky puppy nipping at her feet.

 While she’s a whizz with numbers, we hear she’s even better on the tools. When she’s off the clock you’ll find her putting in the hard yards renovating her house and getting her vege garden into tiptop shape.

 Susie’s passion for life, laughter and fun makes you question all the assumptions you have about tax gurus (we know you’ve heard them).


A good keen man

Senior Accountant

The young fella from the far north, Mackenzie is your practical kiwi bloke.

Mackenzie is a switched-on campaigner with an eye for detail that sees right to the heart of what makes businesses tick. Mackenzie’s systematic and analytical approach supported by the latest technology quickly projects clarity on what exactly is going on.   

Although his taste buds are anything but adventurous, his weekends and holidays are the complete opposite. Mackenzie’s passion for the outdoors is unbeatable. While not out hunting, tramping or playing every type of team sport, Mackenzie is likely enjoying a couple of quiets he’s brewed himself. Never further away than a phone call or email, Mackenzie’s dedication to action and ‘getting it done’ is what makes him a top notch Chartered Accountant and a highly regarded bloke.  


Our sharp shooter

Senior Accountant

Initially an auditor, before coming to her senses and moving to more exciting offerings of accounting, she’s a meticulous knowledge-base.

Louise’s conservative approach, grounded by strong ethics and a solid grasp on ever-changing rules and regulations, delivers reassuring advice to clients.

With a passion for travel and well graffiti-ed passport, she’s our good-looking version of Encyclopedia Britannica.


South Islander

Client Advisor

Hailing from the land of great southern men, this three star fella has a bloody good head on his shoulders.

If his TAB account is a reflection of his skills with numbers, odds are, this guy is talented.

Speights and TAB aside, Gus is developing into a fine young Chartered Accountant. His methodical approach to learning and considered challenge to norms means he innovates for efficiency and consistency.


Tech Whizz


The five-foot-and-change cool campaigner.

Give Jan a spreadsheet and his shortcut keys will leave you in awe, seriously. Jan is a family man with a big heart and driving ambition.

Outside the office his passions extend to beer, bikes (of the push kind) and trying anything new, at least once.



A bouquet of enthusiasm


Packed with positivity and breaking all the accounting stereotypes, Daisy is multi-talented breath of fresh air.

Daisy is not only the vigour behind the Outside brand, she's also on a fast track to becoming an impressive Chartered Accountant. Integrity and candor matched with a zest for life means Daisy brings an energy to accounting. The dual-pronged marketing and accounting approach makes Daisy a real asset in client conversations.

Just as you thought she couldn't get any better, you should see her tennis game...


Our fitness guru

Team Coordinator

Leading the team in both admin and fitness, Saroj is always two stiletto steps ahead of the pack.

A self-proclaimed lover of learning, Saroj sets the bar high and smashes it everytime. When she’s not coordinating the team and chatting to clients, you’ll find her in two places; relaxing in the sun, or smashing a 5am gym session – it’s all about balance!

With a background in admin, as well as previously owning her own business, Saroj knows her shit!



The everything chewer


The office whippet who excels at napping and getting stuck into anything that’s chewable, especially the things that aren’t!

Showing great potential in client relations with an increasingly impressive repertoire of smooth moves.




Pocketful of energy


They say good things come in small packages, and boy they weren't wrong.

Always happy to see you, Rockets energy and enthusiasm for the workday is what makes her an asset to the team. When she's not in the office, you'll find her hanging with the big dogs at daycare, or out making friends in the park.