The thought of dealing with an insolvency practice draws pictures of dark clouds on the horizon and all around dooms-day stuff. Even mentioning a liquidator can carry a negative stigma not dissimilar to those bloody parking wardens who gave me a ticket today… You know what I mean.

Anyway, we thought we’d dial up Heath Gair, owner of Palliser Insolvency and genuine good bugger, to push past the stigma and get to the tin tacks of life running an insolvency business. In the current COVID/post-COVID climate, many businesses are going to be running pretty close to the wire which will expose issues and opportunities, many of which will fall into Heath’s world.

A bit about Heath –

As a business owner himself, in a business that’s currently topical, we thought Heath would be a good person to hear from. Check out the videos below as we chat through the top two inches and some good advice.

What’s your take on people’s headspace at the moment?

Team talk:

When do people seek you out?

Advice that stuck:

As always if you want to hear more from Heath, or know of anyone that would benefit from a chat – get in touch and we’ll flick on his details. Or – check out their website and tee up a time to catch up. The team is always here for a chat, so if you haven’t seen us in a while give your Outside go-to a bell for a catch-up.

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