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Planning for succession in small enterprises

Getting a business off the ground is simple. Let’s now discuss your plan for leaving.

A business startup requires courage. But success also necessitates having a strategic outlook.

Why does that matter? How can you tell if your strategic thinking is adequate? One strategy is to pretend that you are preparing to list your company for sale. What qualities would a prospective customer look for in your company? What could you change to make it more appealing? This is the first stage in creating a strong succession plan for your organisation once you start to think about it.

The most crucial thing is to organise your home. Create mechanisms so you are not the only person the firm depends on. Verify if the company can function on its own.

maximise your revenue. Don’t make business decisions that will reduce your tax obligation. Give starting a successful business first priority.

Consider all of your alternatives as a business owner when you create your succession plan. Too frequently, individuals think in terms of “stop-go”: sell the company or retire and hand it down to the next generation. Contact us to discuss how to position your company for sale and determine its worth.

The 8 best accountants in Wellington [2023]

Are accountants necessary for small businesses or rentals? Our top accounting professionals can help you find your way through Wellington. We choose a professional, skilled and friendly accounting firm. Likewise, we choose those that have a smooth communication throughout the service and have positive customer feedbacks. We are picking out some good Wellington accounting experts right now!

Outside Accounting – The Tax Experts

Find an accountant and tax return specialist with Tom Naylor. Outside Accounting is a private accounting firm offering professional service at competitive rates. Tom is a qualified tax professional and member of the accounting tax agency of New Zealand. He prepares accurate financial statements.

Outside Accountants

Outside Accounting is a team of qualified chartered accountants dedicated to assisting you with all the necessary aspects of business success. To make this happen, Tom has emphasized excellent communication and transparent cost in all aspects of the services. You can even work closely with other clients like banks, lenders, marketing and sales consultants. His experiences at large firms were an important contributing factor to this. He has the skills to lead, grow and achieve his team goals.

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Food Envy

With over 20 years experience in kitchens, Taz took the leap and set up Food Envy in 2012 – a way to share his love of good food and hospitality.

Wellington Accountants Wellington Bookkeepers Property Accountants Business Bookkeepers Hospitality Accountants Hospitality Bookkeepers Contractor Accountants Contractor Bookkeepers

Tidy Slabs

Addressing the challenges of the industry is the hardest part of a build but Tidy Slabs believe that foundation work can be simple – with a well-defined process, and a high standard that’s maintained every time.



Andy Garvy
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The team at outside are a dedicated bunch. They go above and beyond in every situation and provide so much more than your standard tax accounting. They have developed process maps, management reports, managed our invoicing, payables and pretty much taken care of every part of our business when we have needed it. They are a big part of our business and will continue to be moving forward.
Matt Holton
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A great team - striking the right balance between professional, knowledgable accountants while being fun and personable to deal with. Always quick to respond. Harri has prepared my end of year statements and GST returns. I'm based in Auckland and have managed to snag a spot at the "co-working desk" in their office a couple of times while I'm down in Wellington.
Sarah Ny
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These guys are not the typical accountants. We engaged with Outside originally for our small business accounting needs, but over the years they have provided invaluable services above and beyond. We have grown as a business and Outside worked alongside us the entire time, supporting us with expert and professional advice throughout our journey. They are an awesome bunch, so easy to get along with, they break everything down into regular speak and no question is too dumb to ask. Their door is always open, everyone is super welcoming and they make a mean coffee.