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Nothing quite compares to the exhilaration that comes with deciding to submit an offer on a house, whether it’s your first, fifth, or even fifteenth.

However, buying a home may be a difficult and drawn-out process; for this reason, the real estate agent who is selling the house is there to assist as much as they can.

You can rely on them for advice, updates, and information even if they work for the seller and have as their top priority obtaining the best conclusion for the property’s owner.

When working with selling agents as a buyer, there are a few things you should steer clear of to avoid being on their bad side.

Here are the top 5 buyer behaviours that aggravate real estate agents:

1. Not being ready
When a buyer is unprepared for the home-buying process, it can be one of the most aggravating things for an agent in the real estate business.

This entails lacking a budget that is well-defined, a pre-approval letter for a mortgage, and knowledge of their housing preferences.

Being unprepared might cause the process to drag out and make it difficult for the realtor to match you as the buyer with the appropriate property.

2. Underquoting the cost without justification
Yes, everyone enjoys a good deal.

And sure, we operate in a market where the buyer frequently prevails.

However, you must do your homework when purchasing a home in order to support your lowball offer with evidence.

The listing agent may think you’re just a “tyre kicker” and aren’t really serious about buying the home if you submit a low offer with no support or justification.

Instead, explain to the agent why you’ve come in at this amount if you decide to make a low offer to start the process.

Is the neighbourhood market in decline?

Is the house situated on a street’s less desirable side?

Compared to the residences of the neighbours, is the house older and in need of repair?

If you qualify your offer, the agent is more likely to take you seriously and will, hopefully, engage in negotiation with you to reach a solution that benefits both parties.

3. Neglecting their input;
You did your homework. You’ve done your research, calculated the costs, and you know what you’re searching for.

You must be really knowledgeable.

Perhaps not.

Since the selling agent’s primary goal is to sell the property, you should always take any advice or insights from them with a grain of salt. However, you should also be open to what they have to say.

For instance, they can hint that the sellers are a divorcing couple.

This might mean one of two things: either they are keen to sell and you can push hard on price; or the sale process will be challenging because you will essentially be negotiating with two sellers who are not quite aligned in their demands and strategies.

In other words, for prospective buyers, this might be advantageous or disadvantageous.

Consider the advise of the selling agent, who is familiar with the sellers, as you plan your offer.

4. You frequently change your mind
It’s normal for buyers to have a wishlist of things they want in a house, but it can be frustrating for the realtor if they frequently change their minds or add new amenities.

Additionally, it can be difficult for the realtor to keep track of your evolving preferences, which may result in time being wasted seeing properties that no longer match your standards.

You have every right to change your mind, of course.

What do you desire?

But if you frequently change your mind about things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want, the location and amenities, or your budget, the selling agent will find it quite difficult to help you, and in the long run, you will only make things more difficult for both of you.

Therefore, make sure you are very clear about what you want before you start working with an agent on a home.

Be definite because the process of buying a home can move quickly and it’s crucial for buyers to be able to decide swiftly.

This will expedite the process considerably and get you one step closer to locating the appropriate home or investment property for you.

5. Showing greater concern for unimportant matters
Buyers who place an excessive amount of emphasis on a property’s aesthetics and not enough on the other equally (if not more) crucial criteria may raise a red signal to the selling agent that they are simply not ready to commit.

Woman in Pain and Stress

Aspects like location, neighbourhood, structure, boundaries, rehabilitation potential, and environmental surrounds are among the crucial factors.

Much more crucial than the colour of the walls or the style of kitchen flooring is determining whether the region is in a flood plain or is prone to bushfires.

When selecting a home or investment property, all of these factors must be considered in addition to aesthetics.

Nothing makes an agent angrier than labouring through multiple discussions with you just to have you keep hesitating over insignificant details.

6. merely vanishing
Due to their hectic schedules, real estate brokers rely on timely responses from their clients to advance the process.

No matter what transpires throughout the course of your property search, you should never, ever ghost your agent.

Ghosting is when a client cooperates with an agency for a while before abruptly ceasing all communication—refusing to return calls, emails, or other correspondence—for an undisclosed cause.

The agent finds this to be not only annoying but also downright impolite.

Don’t Respond

If you ever question if now is the best time for you to buy, whether that particular house is a good fit for you, or whether you can actually afford to make the purchase now – or even if you’ve found a different agent and are negotiating on a different property – just be honest.

Real estate agents invest a lot of time and energy into developing relationships, so it can be problematic in the future if you need to work with them again and they still remember your previous ghosting attempts.

The bottom line is that you should behave yourself with integrity and respect during your real estate transactions, just as you would in any other area of business.

You’ll be well on your way to building a working connection that might pay off for years if you treat the real estate agents you’re working with the way you would want to be treated.

The bottom line: Effective communication and mutual trust between the buyer and their real estate agent are fundamental to a straightforward home purchase transaction.

Buyers may greatly reduce the stress of the process for all parties by being organised, making decisions, and being receptive to the agent’s knowledge.

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Andy Garvy
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The team at outside are a dedicated bunch. They go above and beyond in every situation and provide so much more than your standard tax accounting. They have developed process maps, management reports, managed our invoicing, payables and pretty much taken care of every part of our business when we have needed it. They are a big part of our business and will continue to be moving forward.
Matt Holton
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A great team - striking the right balance between professional, knowledgable accountants while being fun and personable to deal with. Always quick to respond. Harri has prepared my end of year statements and GST returns. I'm based in Auckland and have managed to snag a spot at the "co-working desk" in their office a couple of times while I'm down in Wellington.
Sarah Ny
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These guys are not the typical accountants. We engaged with Outside originally for our small business accounting needs, but over the years they have provided invaluable services above and beyond. We have grown as a business and Outside worked alongside us the entire time, supporting us with expert and professional advice throughout our journey. They are an awesome bunch, so easy to get along with, they break everything down into regular speak and no question is too dumb to ask. Their door is always open, everyone is super welcoming and they make a mean coffee.