Xero Fast Five

What is Xero fast five?

Instructions for reading this blog post:

  1. Time is important.
  2. Read it fast.

Here at Outside, we understand time is a highly valuable resource, and it disappears just as fast for us all. We all know Xero is fast and saves a huge amount of time; but there’s some hidden shortcuts in Xero that make quick, quicker.

The focus is on time, so here’s five keys to the fastest ways of entering due dates when creating sales or purchase invoices in Xero:

Shortcut Shortcut key Example

Day in the next week next [day] If today is Monday, using shortcut: “next fri” enters the date of the next Friday

Date in current month (number) Enter “15” for the 15th of current month

Months after today’s date +[number]m In the date field, enter “+1m” for 1 month after today’s date

Weeks before today’s date -[number]w Enter “-1w” for 1 week before today’s date

First of any month in any year [month]/[year] Enter “July 2014” for 1 July 2014

Now that’s fast

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