What can we do as your Accountants?

Without getting all sales-y on you, there’s some very relevant stuff you can leverage from your accountants at present.

If you’ve had anything to do with us, you’ll already be well aware we’re not your stale old accountants punching calculators between stacks of paperwork. While we do know a calculator inside-out, we use it amid tech-stacks in an almost paperless office, and we’re good for a hell of a lot more than a heads up on your tax bill.

In the midst of the current environment riddled with uncertainty, these are a few things we can help with:

Cash flow

Whether it’s a back-of-the-envelope immediate cash scratch around, or a full-blown break-even scenario, we know there is a lot more information available beyond your current bank balance. The face value of inflows/outflows during a cash squeeze is one thing, but the biggest factor is the timing of them. We can help roll timing, taxes, finance, one-off’s and business as usual into your numbers so you can make informed decisions -while there’s more options to choose from. We can do it for you, with you or just talk through your logic.

Business continuity planning

What does that even mean? The current uncertainty means sticking blindly to Plan A may not be the best option for coming out of this with a strong business. Business continuity planning is creating Plan B. We find it’s worth spending time, (not dwelling excessively), considering the ‘what if’. This can link all aspects of your business including cash flow, staff, customers, suppliers, assets, liabilities and technology, and can help provide clarity that informs decision-making.

Spit-balling ideas.

Very, very under-rated. Someone once told a story of a man who was spending days cutting down a tree. Another fella walked passed and muttered he’d cut the tree down a lot quicker if he sharpened his axe. The man chopping said bugger off as he didn’t have time for that. I guess the point of the story is, accountants can be valuable when you make time for them. Now, being the clued-up advisors we are, we’d suggest he find a chainsaw to really make light work of it. Applying it to business, brainstorming with someone who lives in businesses daily and deals with business issues and opportunities as part of their core business, is probably a good mind to add to your mix. No matter how niche your situation, there’s likely a parallel to what someone else has experienced – we are the medium between to connect you.

So, don’t hesitate on picking up the blower and telling us exactly what it is you want from us. If it’s in our area of expertise we’ll do it, and if we can’t do it, we’ll help you find someone who can.

Your Outside team, and Ruby

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