We are all aware that positive cash flow is vital for a thriving business. Given the current external pressures on your finances, it is crucial to keep an eye on the future.

Cash flow forecasting has become an increasingly important tool for finance teams. By gaining a clearer view of your future cash flow position, you can make well-informed decisions about your financial matters.

But how does cash flow forecasting actually work, and how can it help you maintain a positive cash flow throughout the year?

What insights does a cash flow forecast provide?

The cash flow forecasting process revolves around balancing your income (cash inflows) with your expenses (cash outflows). When your cash inflows exceed your outflows, it signifies a “positive cash flow position.” In other words, you have surplus cash even after covering costs and paying bills – funds that can be reinvested in your business.

Forecasting applications like Float, Fathom, and Futrli utilise historical cash data to project your future cash position. This enables you to anticipate where your cash might be in upcoming periods.

Running detailed cash flow forecasts empowers you to:

– Understand your future operational cash flow: Identifying any cash flow gaps, seasonal downturns, or months with projected high expenditures before they become problematic.
– Plan costs and expenses effectively: Adhering to your planned budgets, managing costs, and preparing for potential price hikes.
– Anticipate and prevent cash flow issues: Utilizing your forecasts to look ahead, plan strategically, and maintain tighter control over cash flow management.

Consult with us to establish cash flow forecasts

Maintaining a positive cash flow position poses challenges in the current economic climate. Fluctuating supplier prices, operational costs, and uncertain revenues make it difficult to balance inflows and outflows.

We are here to assist you in gaining a stronger grasp of your cash flow. By implementing comprehensive forecasts, you can gain a deep understanding of your financial narrative and regain full control over your cash flow.


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