Owner Insights: Food Envy

We're back with the latest episode of Owner Insights featuring Sarah from Food Envy. Much like the name, Food Envy provides envious catering services for corporate events, functions, and weddings in the Wellington Region (alongside the odd Outside Accounting morning tea).  Tom zoomed in with Sarah and got the lowdown on how COVID-19 has changed business and how they're investing in their brand to get Food Envy top of the Wellington catering scene.

What systems would have come in handy pre-COVID?


How has COVID changed business?


How have you invested in the brand?


Advice that stuck:


More from Food Envy:

That's a wrap! If you want to hear/see more from Food Envy check out their website and Instagram (although I don't recommend doing this on an empty stomach!) If you're keen to see more from our Owner Insights series, check out our Youtube Channel and subscribe so you don't miss an episode.

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