Owner Insights: A series by Outside

Here at Outside, we’re in the privileged seat of being the trusted advisor to the SME business owners that form the backbone, (and many other bones), of our New Zealand economy. Kiwi’s are unique on the world stage and we need to continue to celebrate our cultured number-eight wire perspective and successes.

We’re seizing an opportunity to put forward, straight from the horse’s mouth, the thoughts of our network of business owners, consultants and service providers. These are the people in the stables with you, they’re progressive, they’ve got ingenuity, they’re seeking advice, they’re bloody clued up in some areas and maybe a bit odd in others. In any case, they’re relatable.  

We got chatting

We are pulling together an on-going series of information that will give you a different slant, maybe a few ideas and another friendly face or point of contact if you ever want to chew the fat.

These are perspectives, not gospel. As a business owner or aspiring owner, the best thing you can do is drink it all in, form your view and put something out there that’s greater than the sum of the inputs.

Feedback, requests, questions, even compliments, are all welcome.

Let’s go!

Episode 1: Makers Fabrication

Cam recently caught up with Grant Douglas, an owner of Makers Fabrication, to get his perspective on a few things. If you want to chew the fat with Grant further – get in touch and we’ll set it up.

Keeping up with the team:

Cash flow worries:

Preparing for normaltiy:

Advice that stuck:

More to come

Got the feeling where you’re left wanting more? We’ve got the next few COVID episodes in the works ready to push out next week. In the meantime, subscribe to our Youtube channel and click the bell to receive notifications.

The main takeaway is to remember we’re all in the same boat and the best way we can get over the fence is to take advice, trust in your team and stay in control (of the things you can control).

Until next week,

Your Outside team and Ruby

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