Keeping connected during Covid-19

A bit on mental health

We’re (possibly) over the halfway Covid-19 isolation mark and can say that we’re fizzing to get back into our usual routine. The team has adapted incredibly to working remotely, but boy are we all starting to miss the buzzing sounds of Vivian Street traffic, our favorite Cuba Street coffee spots and of course, visits from our amazing clients. The team has been keeping connected through Zoom every morning, even still managing to indulge in virtual Friday arvo beers as usual! So, enough on us, how have you been managing to keep your team connected during this period? Any new technique you’ve grasped to get the team bonding virtually? How are you keeping your team excited and inspired? Let us know!

Often as a business owner, the wellbeing of your team can be at the forefront of your mind, but it’s also important to make sure you’re looking after your own mental health. The team has thrown together a few tips that have helped keep our mind and body on the ball:

  1. Get Outside at least once a day – Run, walk, ride, scooter, rollerblade, the lot! Exercise is a great way to de-stress and get the blood pumping, just nothing too adventurous.
  2. Call your mates – Harri is the expert on this one, always on a call or two with family and friends! It’s important to keep in contact with those outside your bubble, also it can’t hurt to check up on a mate.
  3. Challenge yourself – Cam has set the task of climbing 10,000 meters running, Harri’s attempting to do the splits, Tom’s giving it a crack on the piano. Set yourself an achievable challenge and stick to it. Now’s the best time to give anything a go!
  4. Stick to your routine – Speaks for itself! Help keep track of what you’ve accomplished and keep structure to your day. There’s no need to stop the Friday arvo chinwags, just get yourself on Zoom.

You can also check out some more tips for mental health and wellbeing here.

Covid updates for business

This morning the Government announced a further set of tax proposals to help businesses manage the impacts of COVID-19. The 3 new parts that may impact your tax position are:

  1. Loss carry-back scheme. The proposal would allow you to offset current losses with prior year profits, and get tax already paid back.
  2. Changes to loss continuity rules. The proposal allows companies to take on new shareholders to raise capital, without jeopardising prior losses.
  3. Inland Revenue changes to tax due dates. Proposal to give Inland Revenue discretion to give payment extensions and remit penalties and interest charges.

All these are in the proposal stage so very little details is presently known. A bill is due to be introduced on the 27th of April 2020.

You can read the Government announcement here. Or check out our latest Covid-19 post answering some regular questions we’ve been receiving.

How can we help?

The reason we’re still business as usual, is because of you guys. We’re here to help get you through the next however long. So please, if you have any questions, even if it’s just “what do I do next?” let us know. Chances are 10 people have asked it before you!

Flick us an email or give us a bell:

Cam: 027 366 2272

Tom- 027 370 2319

Come into our virtual bubble

We’re pretty active on our socials at the moment, so if you’ve got some time on your hands check out our Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook accounts. You might even get a peep at Tom playing a song on his piano at some point if you’re lucky!

Stay tuned, Your Outside team and Ruby

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