Free money!

Who doesn’t want a bit of money for nothing?! The KiwiSaver government contribution is just that, if you play your cards right before 30 June…

This is no slippery scheme where we ask you to put in your credit card details, here’s how you get a whopping $521.43 for free:


Without prejudice, you do need to be between 18 and 65 years old, currently in the KiwiSaver scheme and living in New Zealand. Tick that box? Keep going…


Have you contributed $1,042.86 towards your KiwiSaver since 1 July last year? If you haven’t, you’re still able to get 50 cents on every dollar you have contributed, i.e. if you’ve contributed $400, you’ll receive $200 free via the government contribution. Check with your KiwiSaver provider to see where you sit and if you need to top up, and you’re able to top up, do it before the end of June. It’s a no-brainer!


So how do you get your hands on this cash? If you’ve ticked off one and two above, that’s it, put your feet up and do absolutely nothing! It’s not quite cold, hard, cash in the hand at this stage – it’s deposited directly into your KiwiSaver account to help your savings grow. Think of it as a reward for being a good saver.

Like any great scheme – this too is a one time offer, only in this case it’s reset every year and every year you’re up for another $521.43 of free money. If you miss the boat this year, there is no going back to claim it later. It is all or nothing in that respect.

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