Christmas countdown – ready for a break?

It’s rolled around again!

Who else can’t believe another year has almost come to an end? I’ve got a feeling I said that last year but, my gosh this year has steamed by! Soon we’ll likely be overwhelmed by carols, cousins and cake. So in light of that, drink-up, eat-up and spend time with your loved ones; we know we will! Before you fully check out for the Christmas, we’ve got one last bit of admin to thrust onto you… and you guessed it!

Can you pretty please with a star on top of the tree have your Xero reconciled up to date by Wednesday the 4th of December? It would be amazing if we didn’t have to chase you up throughout December leading up to Christmas!

Xero Tip #555212

Inventory or “Products and Services” as it’s now titled, may be a more applicable and valuable corner of Xero than you might think. Even if you’re not in the business of buying and selling widgets, there’s benefit in tracking what you sell, sometimes in more ways than just dollars. Using items on your sales invoices, or bills, not only standardises your process, Xero will also begin tracking how many times that ‘widget’ is sold or bought each period, (week, month, year etc). You can then easily report on these and drive data-driven actions. Replace ‘widget’ with consulting hour, warrant of fitness, desk rental, …you name it and it will have value.

Xero’s own pitch of this feature will blow ours out of the water so rather than ramble on, you’re better to read up on it here

Team Update

As you may be aware there’s been a few changes to the Outside team this year. We saw Jan and Daisy both join the team in 2019 and boy are we happy to have them in the crew! Check out our ‘Meet Us‘ page to get a feel for our new recruits.

Another couple of updates came recently when our lovely Harri passed her CA and the man himself, BigMac (Mackenzie), got the nod his certificate was also in the post – we could not be more proud of these two. So tell us, how has your team changed this year? We’d love to meet your new recruits! As a small business we love getting to know our clients and building new relationships. So feel free to bring them along next time you pop in for a chinwag!

Shutting up shop

Thinking of booking in a catch up with us? Here’s our shutdown dates for Christmas and the New Year:

Friday 20th December 2019– Our last day. I’m sure the afternoon will consist of a few cold ones and we’d love for you to join (will update on our social media).

-Wednesday 8th January 2020– We’ll be back on board with beautiful fresh tans and sand in our shoes.

Merry Kirihimete and see you all in the New Year!

Your Outside team, and Ruby

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