Streamlining Export Processes: Join Customs’ Secure Exports Scheme Online

Join Secure Exports Scheme Effortlessly with Online Application

For exporters, the process of joining Customs’ Authorised Economic Operator Secure Exports Scheme has never been easier. This scheme aids exporters in saving valuable time and money at the border, making the exporting process more seamless. Learn how to apply online and unlock the benefits of streamlined exporting, reduced compliance checks, and international recognition.

Applying Online for Secure Exports Scheme:

New Zealand exporters can now apply for the Secure Exports Scheme through a user-friendly online application. The scheme aims to simplify exporting, breaking down barriers, ensuring certainty in key markets, and expediting cargo movements in and out of the country. By utilizing the online application, businesses can save time and resources, without incurring any joining fees.

Positive Feedback from Steve Urquhart, a Sustainable Mineral Exporter:

Steve Urquhart, a product and market development manager at Geo40, a sustainable mineral exporter, shares his positive experience with the registration process. The online form is straightforward to navigate, providing real-time progress updates. Compared to exhaustive Excel spreadsheets, the process took Steve only 37 minutes to complete, proving the efficiency of the online application.

Benefits for Export Businesses:

Joining the Secure Exports Scheme comes with numerous benefits for exporters, including:

1. Fewer Compliance Checks: Enjoy reduced compliance checks in New Zealand and various territories, providing greater certainty at international borders, especially during trade disruptions.

2. Reduced Inspection Times and Lower Costs: Benefit from quicker inspection times and lower transit and import costs, saving money throughout the export journey.

3. 50% Reduced Export Transaction Fees: Scheme partners enjoy a 50% reduction in export transaction fees for all their exports, promoting cost-effectiveness.

4. Trusted and Secure Supply Chain Recognition: Gain international recognition for your exports, signifying that they have been through a secure and trusted supply chain.

5. Customs Assistance: Customs offers support in interpreting trade agreements, addressing non-tariff barriers, and resolving clearance issues at destination points.

Supply Chain Requirements:

Being a part of the Secure Exports Scheme entails adhering to specific supply chain requirements:

1. Global Customs Standards: Ensure export goods are packed, stored, and transported in line with global customs standards, safeguarding against tampering, smuggling, and other illicit activities.

2. Customs-Approved Seal: Your shipments will bear a Customs-approved seal, indicating compliance with international standards and secure transportation.

The Secure Exports Scheme caters to both air and sea freight supply chains, providing exporters with unparalleled convenience and security.

With the streamlined online application process, exporters can effortlessly become part of the Secure Exports Scheme, unlocking a multitude of benefits. From reduced compliance checks and lower costs to international recognition and secure supply chain practices, joining the scheme proves invaluable for businesses seeking to enhance their exporting endeavors. Embrace this opportunity to simplify your export processes and bolster your international trade.

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