Unlock the Benefits of Recovery at Work for Your Business

When an injury occurs, its impact can be significant, affecting both individuals and businesses. At ACC, we provide valuable resources that shed light on the advantages of recovery at work for the injured person, your team, and your overall business.

Teamwork: The Key to an Injured Employee’s Recovery

An injured employee’s well-being isn’t solely their concern—it affects their colleagues, team morale, and your business’s productivity. Fortunately, in many cases, individuals can safely recover from injuries while continuing to work with some temporary adjustments.

Recovering at work following an injury not only promotes faster healing but also yields additional benefits for individuals and businesses alike. To make this possible, it takes a collective effort involving the injured person, their healthcare provider, their employer, and ACC.

Adapting Hours and Duties for Employees

If your injured employee receives a “fit for selected work” medical certificate from their healthcare provider and is ready to return to work, you can explore options such as adjusting their hours. For instance, they could start with a few hours per day or week and gradually increase as their recovery progresses.

You can also discuss suitable duties based on their injury, which may involve modifying their work environment, tasks, or providing training opportunities for upskilling.

Alternative duties or modified hours offer several benefits for the injured person, including:

1. Enhancing physical and mental well-being

2. Providing structure and routine
3. Boosting social connections
4. Instilling a sense of purpose

All of these elements contribute positively to the recovery process.

The Power of Staying Connected

Many injured employees express a strong desire to stay connected to the workplace, as it significantly increases their likelihood of returning to their usual work duties. For employers, supporting this connection brings numerous advantages, such as:

1. Retaining employees’ valuable skills and expertise
2. Reducing costs associated with recruitment and training
3. Fostering a positive work environment
4. Demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being

Most ACC clients who have had a positive recovery at work experience attest to its ability to restore normality, enhance strength and mobility, and improve mental and psychological health.

Continued ACC Compensation

As an employer, you have the opportunity to pay for your injured employee’s productive hours, with ACC’s weekly compensation supplementing the remainder of their income. This means that they can earn up to 100% of their pre-injury income rather than relying solely on 80% from weekly compensation.

ACC is committed to supporting employers by providing new resources and videos on recovery at work. We offer guidance and assistance in incorporating recovery at work principles into your business.

Recovery at Work: A Team Effort

Employers play a crucial role in the recovery process, and it all begins with a few simple steps. Discover how you can contribute by visiting the ACC website today.

Experience the benefits of recovery at work and unlock the full potential of your business.


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