Top Tech Tools for Property Developers: Enhance Your Competitive Edge

In the cutthroat property industry, developers are constantly seeking ways to outperform their competitors. Thankfully, with the rise of proptech, you can leverage tech tools to plan, manage, and streamline your projects, while gaining a competitive advantage. These tools are user-friendly, affordable, and many are even locally developed in New Zealand. Discover these eight awesome tech tools that will boost your confidence in your next property development venture.

1. Rave Build: 

Founded in 2008, Rave Build is a cloud-based construction project management platform designed to help property developers stay organized, save time, cut costs, and increase profits. With features like calendar and scheduling, document management, specialized access for contractors and customers, audit history, and unlimited support and training, Rave Build is an essential tool for efficient project management.

2. 3D Render: 

Incorporating 3D renders into your planning process is crucial for modern property developers. 3D renders offer a comprehensive visualization of your project, aiding in collaboration, problem identification, and marketing efforts. 3D Render is a leading company in this field, providing lifelike exterior and interior renders, virtual walkthroughs, floor plans, and even virtual reality options.

3. MyTradie: 

Whether you require a long-term builder or short-term assistance, the MyTradie app is a valuable resource. Founded by a builder and his wife, this New Zealand-owned and operated app simplifies the process of finding local tradies. You can easily locate tradies in your area, review their rates, availability, and past client feedback, ensuring you find reliable professionals for your projects.

4. Re-Leased: 

Managing multiple properties and tenancies can be overwhelming for property developers. Re-Leased, a cloud-based software launched in New Zealand in 2012, simplifies property portfolio management. With features such as calendar reminders, integration with accounting software, detailed performance metrics, and secure access from any device, Re-Leased streamlines tenancy management tasks.

5. Notion: 

Notion is a versatile planning app suitable for personal and business purposes, including property development. Its flexibility allows you to customize your workspace with tables, schedules, spreadsheets, checklists, and more. Create a workspace tailored to each stage of your project or start with existing templates. Collaborate with your team by sharing your Notion dashboard, ensuring everyone stays aligned.

6. Dulux Colour App: 

Experimenting with design choices has never been easier with the Dulux Colour App. Take a photo of a room and digitally paint it using different shades and tones. Additionally, the app can match any color you capture with the closest shade from the Dulux range, simplifying your design decisions.

7. Bunnings PowerPass App: 

Eliminate frequent trips to the hardware store with the Bunnings PowerPass App. This comprehensive app allows you to search for products, check prices and details, create project lists, share them with your construction team, make payments through various methods, store payment cards for faster checkout, and keep track of past invoices.

These tech tools are just the beginning! Explore more innovative tools tailored to the needs of Kiwi property developers, and leverage the power of technology to excel in the property industry.


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