At the beginning of your startup journey, you and your co-founders will be in charge of selecting and hiring the key members of your new team.

The people you choose will identify with your core aims for the business and will (usually) share your core values too. For example, if being green is a key value, the people you hire need to resonate with this. But as the business grows and expands, it’s likely that the hiring process will move to your operations director, human resources director or people managers.

So, how do you ensure that you’re still hiring people who share your core values? And why are these foundational values so important?

Why are core values so important to a new business?


Your values are the pillars on which the business is built. They’re the fundamental building blocks that will define what you believe in as a brand, how you treat your customers and employees and what your underlying mission will be for the company.

  • What’s the advantage of having a team with shared core values? – A team that shares the same ethical foundations is a team that works well together. You know WHY you’re doing what you do, and you know the right path to take when operating the business.
  • How do you weave these values into your hiring process? – Make sure the initial job description clearly sets out the values you expect from an employee, and how these help to drive the company forward. You’ll also attract the right talent. A Glassdoor survey found that 77% of respondents consider a company’s culture before applying for a job there. During interviews, swap outlooks and to gauge if this person is a good fit for the team.
  • What should you include in your onboarding for new employees? – It’s a good idea to have your company values written down in a format that can be shared with new hires. By formalising your core values, you create a solid bedrock on which to base your training and onboarding. New employees can read, digest and ask questions about your values, and can see how your existing staff apply these values in the real world.
  • How do you measure employee satisfaction and adherence to these values? – Having regular catch-ups with new employees is a must. Your managers should be holding 360 feedback sessions at least once every 6 months, so you can track progress, performance and employee satisfaction. Your core values should be part of these metrics, measuring how well your employees are hitting the right standard, and finding out what the business can do to make this easier.

Building a team that reflects your brand values


When a customer calls your customer support line, or a potential new client visits your offices, they expect these experiences to be consistent. This doesn’t mean getting rid of personality or the uniqueness of each employee. But it does mean having the same foundational values being lived and demonstrated throughout the company.

With a team of people who share your vision for the company, you’re ready to expand, scale and deliver the very best customer experience to your valued customers.

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