Managing procurement effectively is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. Whether it’s purchasing subscriptions, raw materials, or accounting services, being in control of what you buy and how you manage costs is essential for maximising value. This is particularly important during tough economic times when cash flow is tight, and businesses face economic slowdowns and supply chain challenges that lead to increased prices and reduced margins.

To enhance your procurement spending and maintain a positive cash flow position, consider the following key strategies:

1. Reduce your base cost per item: 

When buying goods, aim to lower your unit cost by obtaining multiple quotes from different suppliers. This allows you to choose providers offering the best value, quality, and reliability at an economical price. Negotiating with suppliers can also be effective in reducing costs.

2. Cut logistics and delivery costs: 

Transportation of goods is an operational expense that can be reduced. Research carriers and logistics providers to find those offering the services you need, and negotiate prices. Explore if discounts are available for shorter payment terms or by joining preferred customer programs.

3. Nurture supplier relationships: 

Building strong relationships with suppliers establishes a solid foundation for procurement management. Cultivate trust and negotiate favorable terms by paying suppliers on time and maintaining good communication. A positive reputation simplifies the procurement process and makes it more cost-effective.

4. Reduce tax and duty costs: 

Depending on your sales territories, there may be taxes and duties associated with buying and transporting goods. Collaborate with a knowledgeable tax adviser to ensure correct categorization and payment of taxes like VAT or GST. Engaging a customs broker helps ensure accurate duty payments for imports and exports.

5. Utilise technology for procurement control: 

Cloud-based procurement solutions offer accessibility, centralisation of data, and streamlined processes. Implementing such software enables effective management of risk, monitoring of spending against budgets, cash flow, and expected expenditures. Stay informed to manage expenses by setting spending caps or switching to suppliers offering better deals or lower prices.

Improving procurement management is a wise decision in the current climate. It enhances cash flow, strengthens supplier relationships, and enables resilience during economic slowdowns. Feel free to reach out to discuss your procurement management and explore strategies further.


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