With all the various options in the market, it can be frazzling and we understand that it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right trades or construction apps or systems for your business. So, we’ve compiled a few of the best ones to help you decide which options might benefit your team.


Builderscrack is a New Zealand online service that connects tradies like you to customers. This makes it easy for customers to find you as they won’t have to trawl through various directories and websites to book an appointment. Your customers will simply post a job they need done and specify their location and budget. They can also post photos, so the lucky tradie who gets the call up knows exactly what they’re dealing with. If the app thinks
you’re one of the best fits, and you feel like you can easily nail this job, then you can chase it! But remember – it’s important to post all your strengths on your profile, so your customers will choose you over the others.

If the job will take longer than a few hours, you may need to take a site visit to understand the work involved and offer a quote. However, smaller jobs may not need a site visit and you can just give a price estimate for the work based on an hourly rate. The quoting feature allows for clearer agreements and quotes that can be updated and agreed on as the job
unfolds. After a job is completed, your customer can write a review to share their experience with you. This will help you find the right work in the future.


Fergus helps trades and service businesses manage the costs of running their business, monitor jobs and increase profitability. Fergus offers end-to-end job tracking from creating and sending quotes, tracking costs and job progress, and creating invoices. It can also help you manage your team via an easy-to-use scheduling feature, GPS, time-entry tracking, and job notifications.

Here comes the interesting part: Fergus offers business insights to help you choose profitable jobs and grow your margins easily. It has a financial overview dashboard that shows you real time job performance and job profit margins.


Another good app for tradies is Tradify. Similar to Fergus, Tradify can also easily track jobs from quoting to invoicing. It is available on the web, iOS and Android, so you can cut out double-handling and streamline your job tracking. Tradify has partnered with Stripe, so you can offer a credit card option for your customers. It is easily set up, with the ability to absorb or pass on fees. Its scheduling feature gives a real-time view of who’s closest
to a job for faster dispatching. You can use the app to communicate with your
team efficiently and even link it with your Google Calendars to schedule with
ease and confidence.

Tradify allows staff to record their own time, so you can track everyone’s time and costs anywhere you are. The best part is, you can set up automatic text reminders to remind your customers of upcoming appointments and outstanding quotes and invoices. It can also sync with Xero, and MYOB easily, so you can reconcile bills in your accounting system instantly.

Trade and construction accountants

These are just some of the apps we recommend to tradies! If you want more tips and tricks of the trade, give us a buzz and we’ll chat about all the resources that can help trades business owners like you manage costs, generate revenue and build a successful business

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