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We’ve noticed a recent trend in budding developers who are looking for a simple and accessible overview of the property development process. It could be because of today’s flat property markets and real estate investors are looking to manufacture capital growth at this time when there is slow or no general growth. Are you wondering how you can get started in property development?

Why Property Development?

Why not? If you get real estate development right, you can save tons of money and your project could cost around 20% below market value. You can make large profits and get higher rental returns that can help pay the mortgage. You’ll even be able to obtain finance easier and achieve greater tax benefits from the new property! All these allow you to acquire high-performance properties at wholesale prices, which means capital growth and fewer costs for you. You could build your property portfolio safer and faster, so why not?

Do you have what it takes to be a property developer?  

Property development starts from purchasing land to developing and building facilities to meet the needs of the community. It can be building residential development projects, office buildings or even roads.

To be a successful property developer, you’ll need patience, knowledge, and ambition. While it is highly fulfilling, it’s definitely not a quick and easy endeavour! As a property developer, you’ll invest and commit your expertise, talents, and equity to convert land to better use. You’ll need to educate yourself on the markets, property, finance, economics, construction processes, town planning, and even marketing of your projects. You’ll make mistakes as you work your way up, so it might be better to start small.

As a property developer, you’ll need real estate agents, finance strategists, lawyers, architects, engineers, contractors, strategists, quantity surveyors, and most importantly, accountants in your team. Property accountants will help you set up the right ownership structures and give you the right data to make sound decisions.

Property accountants will help you maximise investment returns and understand the finance maze. An experienced team can offer you a predictable and structured approach to property development.

Other important questions to ask before you invest in property development are if you can afford to undertake this project and if you can make a worthwhile profit out of it. Find out how much you can borrow and how you will manage all the costs of the development. We recommend getting a finance pre-approval first before you start any project.

Financing a property development can be more difficult than obtaining finance for just a property purchase. Note that a property development involving more dwellings may be considered commercial, so it might be more complex to fund. Banks will also look at your track record and would only lend you 70-80% of the total cost of the development project.

We have barely scratched the surface but we’ll continue this Property Development Guide on the next one. Make sure to stay tuned as we give you more tips on how to become a successful property developer – learned from all the years we’ve dealt with property developer clients. Give us a buzz if you want to chat about it – otherwise, we’ll catch you later!

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