Happy (late) New Year

Well crikey dingo, the holidays are gone, the sun’s blazing and we’re back in the office! Thank gosh the front end of the year is stacked with three day weekends to celebrate a bit of this and that and wean us back into the working weeks. It’s a fairly ugly start to the year in terms of IRD relations, with the taxman taking a few quick-fire chunks from anyone making money. With GST double-headers on top of provisional and terminal tax, cash flow around this time can be a bit stretched. We’ll keep you posted on your requirements. Please come back to us if they’re too steep, as it’s best (and cheaper) to front foot payment negotiations with IRD.

One of these chunks coming up this month is GST for December-January. So if you’re in this category can you please kick the tyres in Xero so it’s clean as a whistle for us to process these returns for you. We’ll likely be on your case if you haven’t tidied things up by this time next week.

Xero Tip #28642

So you send out a few plain-jane invoices and you want to step it up a professional notch? Xero has some really easy options to customise your invoices and add that extra bit of you to your invoice. It could be as simple as slapping on a logo or as complex as re-jigging the whole page to show off your branding. At the end of the day, your invoice, (as much as people might not love receiving it), is often your last opportunity of direct marketing – so make it count. Here’s some of Xero’s starting points. Or, if you’re having trouble get in touch with us, we’re always happy to help.

2015 Financials

There’s a few stragglers with ends still to be tied up on 2015 accounts and tax returns. We’ll be hustling things along over the next few weeks to get these ship shape and off to IRD for their records. If not already, we’ll be in touch and your help in smoothing these through would be awesome.

Thanks for reading this far, now get back to your beer / beach / wine / friends and family!

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