A lot of hospitality businesses are turning to the cloud nowadays to manage their finances and improve collaboration among their team, and it only makes sense!

Accounting software for hospitality businesses

It’s vital these days that Hospitality businesses have good accounting software that can integrate with tons of apps in the market, improving business efficiencies. It’s likely you’d know by now that here at Outside we’re pretty much Xero fanatics, so if you come on board with us, we’ll be getting you onto Xero as fast as possible (but only if your business needs
it). Once you have this in place, you can build a system of apps that will help you save time and manage your business effectively.

There are hundreds of apps in the App Marketplace but here are some of the best cloud apps that hospitality businesses can use to link multiple applications into a fully-integrated finance, accounting and operations system.


Is your roster driving you crazy? Deputy can help you with your staff scheduling and even with costing your roster! It manages time and attendance and easily integrates everything to Xero. You can sync employee records, look after your payroll, and manage absences easily.


Cash flow is king in every business and as a business owner, you know you need to manage this very well – cash flow being the backbone of your business. Use Float and pull in real time accounting data from Xero to automate your cash flow forecast and reports. You will have all the info you need to manage your cash flow without having to put all the data together yourself. Easy as!


Kounta will be your front house system that integrates with Xero with powerful features like table layouts, inventory management, pricing and margins, CRM and loyalty, analytics, etc. Managing a hospitality business has never been more exciting.


It’s time to ditch that shoebox! Hubdoc allows you to manage all your supplier invoices and receipts with just a few clicks. Email all invoices received to Hubdoc or take a photo of them using your smartphone app. Hubdoc will scan the document and enter the amount into your purchases in Xero. How cool is that?


Quotient is designed for caterers, functions and events. It is a quoting system that can help you generate professional quotes as you go.  You can even upload photos and track all your questions and answers with customers and vendors on the platform. Once a quote is accepted, it will generate an invoice from Xero automatically.

Can you imagine all the time you will have in your hands? We won’t even mention the headspace these apps can free up! How about you? Do you have applications you can recommend to hospitality businessesGive us a buzz and let’s have a chat about it!

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