Wellington Accounting Firm: New reporting requirements for trusts

Surprise, surprise! You’ve read it right! IRD has introduced new financial statement reporting and standards for domestic trusts, which will apply from the 2021-22 income year.

Property Accountants: New property tax rules finalised

The tax system used to allow property investors to deduct interest expenditure for residential rental property even if gains made on the sale were not taxed, that’s why many property investors put their money into residential properties expecting a large capital gain when they sell.

Business Accountants: Fringe Benefit Tax

Many businesses need to assess the non-cash benefits they provide to employees to determine whether Fringe Benefit Tax needs to be accounted for.

Business Accountants: New changes to taxation and payroll

The new financial year comes with new changes to taxation and payroll. Be up to date on these new payroll trends and read on.

End of financial year checklist – what we’ll need from you

As we near the end of the financial year it might be time to think about pulling together your 2022 financial year information.

Leaving or returning to NZ? Here’s what you need to know about New Zealand tax residency

As we near the end of some of the New Zealand Government Covid-19 Border restrictions, many Kiwis are either planning on returning home, or jetting off on an epic adventure.

Property Accountants: Claiming depreciation

As a property investor, you will already know that you can deduct business expenses from your rental income, but are you sure you’re not missing out on anything that’s available to you?

Contractor Accountants: Tax deductions and considerations before contracting

If you’re planning to start contracting, you might want to hold off and think about several important things first!

Restaurant Accountants: What tax deductions are available to you?

You probably know by now that most costs that you incur and are necessary to run your business are tax deductible – but hold off from the shopping spree!

Property Accountants: Tax based on rental property type

Do you have a residential property up for rent? Are you aware of your tax obligations relating to deductible expenses, loss carry forwards and GST?