Business Accountants: How to get out of tax debt


Understanding tax debt and finding a way out of it is crucial for New Zealanders who may have fallen behind on their tax obligations to the Inland Revenue (IR) Department. Whether due to oversight or deliberate actions, owing taxes can be stressful, especially when faced with potential consequences such as wage garnishments or property liens. This post aims to enlighten readers about tax debt and offer solutions for those already burdened by it. Read on to enhance your tax knowledge and take control of your financial situation.

What Is Tax Debt? 

Tax debt arises when individuals fail to meet their tax obligations by the specified due date. It’s important to note that the Inland Revenue Department oversees tax collection and compliance. Failure to pay taxes on time may result in urgent notices from the IRD, signaling the initiation of tax recovery measures. These measures can include:

  • Placing a deduction notice on your bank account
  • Issuing legal action notices
  • Instructing employers or clients to withhold payments and remit them towards your tax debt If these actions prove ineffective, the IRD may impose penalties and interest on the outstanding tax debt, leading to further financial strain. In severe cases, they may resort to legal actions such as levying property, assets, or bank accounts.

How to Resolve Tax Debt 

Navigating tax matters, especially when dealing with tax debt, can be overwhelming without proper expertise. Seeking professional tax debt services is advisable if you find yourself trapped in a cycle of tax debt. Taking prompt action is essential to prevent escalating tax liabilities and accumulating debt interest, potentially leading to default.

Seek Professional Assistance 

When facing tax debt, enlisting the help of qualified professionals is crucial to mitigating risks and resolving the issue effectively. Outside Accounting, a reputable chartered accounting firm, specializes in providing expert assistance with tax debt matters. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping clients navigate financial challenges and overcome tax debt burdens. Contact us today to discuss your tax liabilities and explore tailored solutions to alleviate your tax debt woes. Don’t let tax debt hold you back—let us guide you toward financial freedom.



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