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2017 is upon us and already there’s only 11/12th’s left in the calendar year. Have you got off to a good start? Perhaps more importantly, have you set a goal? How will you be measuring your success? Tell you what, read Chapter One by Daniel Flynn, (seriously, go buy it and read it. It will do great things for you), then come and talk us through what you’re aiming to achieve and we’ll do our damnedest to help get you there. Get in contact with us, or come visit us in our Wellington office.

One of the key formalities to any success is great information, and, you guessed it, part of that is reconciling XeroXero is also another great way to get measuring your success. So, let’s make a deal that you have your Xero reconciled by Monday the 6th of February, then we’ll do our part.
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Xero as your accounting system and calculator!


This one’s a simple one. As ridiculous as it sounds, Xero, your accounting system, is also a calculator. Fancy that?! You’d assume that adding, subtracting, multiplying etc would be an expected skill of your accounting software, but I bet you’ve grabbed for your calculator or phone when entering an invoice from time to time.

Xero can handle equations, for instance: you might want to invoice for an apple pie ($4.00), and a mince and cheese pie ($3.50); but you’re a simple man and you just want a one line invoice stating “pies”. Good news, you can set quantity ‘1.00’ and then in unit price type “4+3.5” and you’ll be away laughing.


Business changes


The minimum wage is going up 50 cents on 1 April 2017 to $15.75 per hour. Other wage minimums (training and starting-out rates) also rise from $12.20 to $12.60. More here. Health and Safety is a growing topic for businesses of all shapes and sizes as NZ catches up with the first world. Check out something like Safe365 for a good start. Lending for second homes is getting tougher in light of the topical housing issue. Investors are now required to have a 40% deposit for investment properties.


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